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Rory's Regulations

   Like our Erin and so many others, 12-year-old Rory Staunton of New York should be with us today.

   By all accounts, this was a son that we all dream of having; intelligent, industrious, inquisitive and loving. From an abrasion on a basketball court to death from septic shock in 3 days. The signs were there, just like Erins'. "Like Erin, the doctors did not diagnose the symptoms early on and then after seeing the signs, no prompt action was taken.


    I can tell you the pain of loss of your child needlessly is overwhelming and unrelenting. There is no expiration on grief.  God Bless young Rory Staunton, his family and all other victims of sepsis! 


    Rory's Parents, Ciaran and Orlaith Staunton, in honor of their son and to save others, have taken steps that could change the face of the fight against sepsis Nationwide. New York is now the first State in the Nation to require all hospitals to have a sepsis protocol in place, monitored and reviewed  (  )  While this document is technical in nature , let me just say that it is long overdue and should be in every State in the country. In NY alone, 5,000 to 8000 people could be saved by the Rory Staunton Initiative which is now law.

    Rory's Regulations are also mandated guidelines on the specific treatment of pediatric patients.  Rory’s Regulations require all New York hospitals to be proactive about sepsis and aim for early identification and treatment of the infection. The Regulations also call for increased patient communication and a “more meaningful” role for parents when their children are in the hospital.  Rory’s parents Orlaith and Ciaran and his sister Kathleen have worked tirelessly since Rory’s death to try and prevent more families from suffering from their devastating loss.



  The Vitals Watch App ( VW-APP )  is your guide and checklist to use should you or a loved one have any infection! You can get these infections and sepsis in, or out of the hospital. Sepsis is the number one cause of death in most hospitals, so you need to " BE CONCERNED ABOUT SEPSIS"!   Speak up, SAY SEPSIS,  question everything and be respectfully insistent about checking for sepsis on every nursing shift.  SAY: I WOULD LIKE TO BE SCREENED FOR SEPSIS!

    Another, 2014 goal of the Erin Kay Flatley Memorial Foundation is to get the Rory Staunton Initiative and his Regulations in my home state of Florida. Venessa Edgington is working for it in Iowa. It should be the Law of the Land in all States. Tens of thosands of lives can be saved nationwide and maybe yours or your loved ones!   Please contact me if you want to be your States Sepsis Champion.


                                                  We can do this! The Stauntons did. More info to follow.


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