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Team BUGS   (Battle Underway Getting Sepsis)  was coined by me, Carl Flatley, DDS, MSD, after my daughter Erin passed away needlessly from sepsis when she was 23 years old, following  a "routine" outpatient surgery. I called all my three children, BUGS when they were young and then after losing Erin, it became my mantra! 


What I have learned over the last decade is the extent of this tragedy on so many,  the lack of even knowing the word among the general public, and that it is, in fact, "mostly preventable." 





We  talk alot about all those who die. We should also not forget those that survive. There are 1.4 million sepsis survivors each year. 59% of these victims develop physical and cognitive issues. Most of these individuals suffer in silence and their condition is understood by only a few healthcare providers.   Thanks to the SCCM task force recently on Post ICU Syndrome, ( PICS ), this condition is receiving new scrutiny.

I need your help getting the VW-APP out and in educating others to KNOW and SAY  SEPSIS


All donations go to the Erin Kay Flatley Memorial Foundation and 100% of that is used for sepsis awareness and early recognition materials!


   I can tell you that saving just one life or someone's limb - an arm or a leg - is the most significant thing you can do, especially if it is you!  I practiced dentistry for 25 years, did endodontics exclusively for 20 years, doing more than 33,000 root canals. When I retired I felt like I had done something good. Huh!


  Nothing compares to knowing you have saved lives of others by LISTENING and EDUCATING them about sepsis. Please become a Sepsis Advocate and let's make sepsis a household word that everyone is concerned about!

Become a Sepsis Ambassador.


  1. Team BUGS is the action arm  of the EKF Memorial Foundation.  All donations go 100% toward raising awareness of sepsis and supporting sepsis good works!

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