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   This aerial view is of what is known as Erin's Island off the coast of Clearwater Florida. In the early years the entire tournament was held here. As it has grown we now use it for the shot gun start and possibly a beer later. This years tournament will be on May 10, 2014, the day before Mothers Day. It is a fundraising event for Erins Foundation ( #46-6727459).  You will notice on the top of the picture, the bi-plane honoring Erin. Her death never should have happened. Sepsis is treatable if recognized early, treated quickly and propery!  Erin's Foundation has been for 12 years now, spreading the word about sepsis and creating awareness. Every dollar goes to sepsis good works and projects. No one is paid, reimbursed or compensated. So if you want to make a donation, know that it will be spent wisely.

The Erin Kay Flatley B.U.G.S. Classic Inshore Fishing Tournament(                                                                 ) was established in 2003 by Jennifer Flatley Anderson as a way to honor her sister and raise money for sepsis awareness. In the 11 years since, the tournament has steadily gained in popularity and success. This year's tournament will be held on Saturday, May 10th.    The logo for the fishing tournament is an anchor with a rope in the shape of a scripted E. The Erin Kay Flatley B.U.G.S. Classic logo was designed to honor Erin while also representing the tournament and most importantly, our fight against sepsis.The recurring color theme of red and black is to signify the colors of the University of Georgia, the college from which Erin graduated.While attending college, Erin joined the Delta Gamma sorority. Their symbol is an anchor which Erin later had tattooed on her ankle since it represented more than just one thing she loved. The rope design is a very close representation of how Erin informally signed her name, just with an E!  Dr. Flatley called all 3 of his children “Bug” from the time they were born. Eventually, he laughingly referred to them as “Bugs 1, 2, and 3!” So, when discussing a name for the fishing tournament, it was decided that B.U.G.S. ( Battle Underway Getting Sepsis ) would reflect Erin AND the campaign to save lives.

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